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2021-12-31Jimmy Lai, Hong Kong Pro-Democracy Mogul, Is Ordered Back to Jail109
2021-10-16ASEAN Downgrades Myanmar Presence in Summit in Major Rebuke1
2021-10-16WMA Approves Resolution to Support Taiwan's Participation in WHA1
2021-10-15China and Bhutan Reach Deal on Himalayan Border Talks ‘in Test for India’2
2021-10-15Chinese Leader Xi Jinping Continues EU Engagement Drive in Talks with EU Council President1
2021-10-15U.S. Military Disputes Russia's Comments on Naval Interaction1
2021-10-15Japan to Donate More COVID-19 Vaccine Doses to Taiwan1
2021-10-15Russia and China Hold Joint Naval Drills in Sea of Japan1
2021-10-15Czech Senate Asks Joseph Wu to Visit Prague Forum1
2021-10-14Washington Reaffirms its Taiwan Defense Pledge2
2021-10-13Taiwan, U.S. Agree to Continue Economic Dialogue2
2021-10-13France Confirms Naval Presence in Taiwan Strait1
2021-10-13Amid U.S.-China Chill, Harvard Moves a Top Language Program to Taiwan2
2021-10-12KMT Seeking to Deepen Ties with U.S.: Party Representative2
2021-10-12Taiwan Asks Australia to Support Regional Trade Bid2
2021-10-11Britain Reaffirms Asia 'Tilt' as New Warship Makes Singapore Stop2
2021-10-113 Chinese Military Planes Enter Taiwan’s ADIZ89
2021-10-11French Senators Depart Taiwan After 5-Day Visit88
2021-10-11President Vows to Defend Sovereignty6
2021-10-11China Says It Carried Out Beach Landing Drills in Province Opposite Taiwan3
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