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Note to Readers
New Publication John F. Copper, ""Cross-Strait Relations in the Wake of Taiwan’s January 2016 Election: Taiwan’s Narratives" in Chineseness and Modernity in a Changing China: Essays in Honour of Professor Wang Gungwu, edited by Yongnian Zheng and Litao Zhao (World Scientific)
Cross-Strait Relations
231 Taiwanese Return from Hubei, Placed in Quarantine (2020-04-20)
(CNA, By Shen Peng-ta and Joseph Yeh) A total of 231 Taiwan nationals, originally stranded in China's Hubei province due to the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak, returned to Taiwan late Monday on a special flight and were immediately placed in quarantine. <Accessed 2020-04-21> 

Lawmaker Warns Over China’s Census Effort (2020-04-20)
(Taipei Times, By Chung Li-hua and Dennis Xie) The government must step up its efforts to prevent individuals or groups from participating in China’s schemes to infiltrate the nation, as Beijing is using all its means to gain the personal data of Taiwanese, Taiwan Statebuilding Party Legislator Chen Po-wei (陳柏惟) said in Taichung on Saturday. <Accessed 2020-04-21>

Coronavirus Crisis Offers Taiwan a Chance to Push Back Against China (2020-04-22)
(New York Times, By Javier C. Hernández and Chris Horton) Saying “Taiwan Can Help,” the island is resisting China’s efforts to isolate the self-ruling democracy that Beijing claims as its territory. <Accessed 2020-04-23>

China’s Worrying Military Exercises Near Taiwan 
(The Diplomat, By Rajeswari Pillai Rajagopalan) China’s moves in the region, despite the pandemic, are only likely to generate fear and inspire greater cooperation with Washington. <Accessed 2020-04-22>

Task Force to Probe Shanghai Dragon Reporter, NCC Says (2020-04-22)
(Taipei Times, By Shelley Shan) The National Communications Commission (NCC) yesterday said that it is to form a task force next week to investigate Chang Ching-yi (張經義), a Taiwanese reporter employed by a Chinese state-run news agency, to determine if he should be fined for contravening the Act Governing Relations between the People of the Taiwan Area and the Mainland Area (兩岸人民關係條例). <Accessed 2020-04-22> 

Military Releases Surveillance Photo of Liaoning Aircraft Carrier (2020-04-23)
(CNA, By Matt Yu and Joseph Yeh) In a press release, the Ministry of National Defense (MND) said the Chinese aircraft carrier, escorted by two destroyers, two frigates and a supply ship, were monitored as they passed through the Bashi Channel, a waterway to the south of Taiwan, on Wednesday and was heading toward waters east of the island. <Accessed 2020-04-26>

Legislation Planned on Chinese OTT Services (2020-04-24)
(Taipei Times, By Sean Lin and Shelley Shan) The government is to introduce legislation to prevent Chinese media outlets from exploiting a legal loophole to illegally operate over-the-top (OTT) services in Taiwan, Executive Yuan spokeswoman Kolas Yotaka said yesterday, amid reports that China Central Television (CCTV) could soon begin services in the nation. <Accessed 2020-04-25> 

Hong Kong Bookstore Under Attack in China Reopens in Taiwan (2020-04-25)
(Associated Press) The part-owner of a Hong Kong bookstore specializing in texts critical of China’s leaders reopened his shop in Taiwan on Saturday after fleeing Hong Kong due to legal troubles, saying he was grateful for the chance to make China’s Communist rulers “less than happy.” <Accessed 2020-04-26>
U.S.-Taiwan Relations
Virus Outbreak: US Says Working with Taiwan in Pacific Relief Efforts (2020-04-22)
(Taipei Times, By Lin Chia-nan) The US Department of State on Tuesday said that it is helping Pacific island nations respond to the COVID-19 pandemic by coordinating assistance with “like-minded partners,” including Taiwan. <Accessed 2020-04-22>

Taiwan, U.S. to Co-Host COVID-19 Hackathon (2020-04-24)
CNA, By Wang Cheng-chung, Chen Yun-yu and Elizabeth Hsu) A hackthon competition was announced in Taipei Friday by Taiwan's government and the American Institute in Taiwan (AIT), to boost the development of innovative solutions for controlling and stopping the global coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic. <Accessed 2020-04-25>

U.S. Warship Transits Through Taiwan Strait (2020-04-24)
(CNA, By Chen Yun-yu and Matthew Mazzetta) The USS Barry, an American Arleigh-Burke class guided missile destroyer, sailed through the Taiwan Strait on Thursday, according to a Facebook post by the U.S. Seventh Fleet. <Accessed 2020-04-25>
Taiwan's Domestic Politics and Foreign Relations
Taiwan's Domestic Politics

Legislators to Join KMT Institute as Party Seeks to Attract Younger Talent (2020-04-21)
(Taipei Times, By Sherry Hsiao) Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) legislators Chiang Wan-an (蔣萬安), Hung Mong-kai (洪孟楷) and William Tseng (曾銘宗) are on a list of 20 party members joining the KMT’s Institute of Revolutionary Practice as “teachers,” the KMT announced yesterday. <Accessed 2020-04-26>

Taiwan Drops One Spot in RSF Press Freedom Index (2020-04-22)
(Taipei Times/CNA) Taiwan ranked 43rd in this year’s World Press Freedom Index published yesterday by Reporters Without Borders (RSF), down one notch from the previous year. <Accessed 2020-04-22>

Rear Admiral Fails to Report all Fever Cases on COVID-19-Infected Ship (2020-04-22)
(CNA, By Matt Yu, Wang Cheng-chung, Chen Yun-yu and Joseph Yeh) The former commander of a Navy flotilla on which a cluster of COVID-19 coronavirus infections has occurred admitted to lawmakers on Wednesday that he did not report back to his superiors all the fever cases aboard his ships during their month-long cruise as required. <Accessed 2020-04-22>

No, Taiwan’s President Isn’t ‘Pro-Independence’ (2020-04-24)
(The Diplomat, By Lev Nachman and Brian Hioe) Calling Tsai Ing-wen “pro-independence” isn’t just lazy; it’s wrong. <Accessed 2020-04-24>

Taiwan President Apologizes After 28 Navy Sailors Infected in COVID-19 Cluster (2020-04-24)
(The Diplomat, By Nick Aspinwall) Tsai Ing-wen vowed an investigation into Taiwan’s military, which lawmakers suspect failed to report COVID-19 cases on board a vessel returning from Palau. <Accessed 2020-04-24>

Taiwan's Foreign Relations

Taiwan Embassy in Palau to be Tested for COVID-19 (2020-04-20)
(CNA, By Yeh Su-ping, Matt Yu, Wang Yang-yu and Joseph Yeh) The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) on Monday said it will screen staff at the nation's embassy in Palau for COVID-19 after they received a Taiwan naval fleet that visited the Pacific ally last month, in the wake of 24 crew members testing positive for coronavirus. <Accessed 2020-04-21> 

Taiwan's Chances of Attending WHA in May Slim: MOFA (2020-04-20)
(CNA, By Yeh Su-ping and Ko Lin) Taiwan's chances of receiving an invitation to attend the World Health Assembly (WHA) in May are slim, but it will continue to do its best to rally international support, a Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) official said Monday. <Accessed 2020-04-21> 

Taiwanese Likely to Benefit from Indonesia's Removal of Tax on PPE (2020-04-20)
(CNA, By Shih Hsiu-chuan and Evelyn Kao) The Indonesian government has removed import duties on 73 types of medical and disease prevention products, in response to the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, which will help Taiwanese there to more easily obtain such items, Taiwan's representative office in Jakarta said Sunday. <Accessed 2020-04-21> 

Taiwan Donated Masks Arrive in Japan: MOFA (2020-04-21)
(CNA, By Chen Yun-yu and Elizabeth Hsu) A shipment of 2 million surgical masks donated by Taiwan to Japan arrived in Tokyo on Tuesday, a spokeswoman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) said. <Accessed 2020-04-26>

Taiwan, WHO Again Spar Over Controversial Email to WHO (2020-04-21)
(CNA, By Chen Yun-yu, Tang Pei-chun, and Evelyn Kao) Taiwan and the World Health Organization (WHO) have again traded barbs over the email Taiwan sent to the WHO at the end of last year that it says alerted the world health body to possible human-to-human transmission of the new coronavirus but was ignored. <Accessed 2020-04-26>

Taiwan’s Health Diplomacy Didn’t Start With the COVID-19 Crisis (2020-04-22)
(The Diplomat, By Marcin Jerzewski and Kuan-Ting Chen) Despite diplomatic exclusion, Taiwan has worked to provide wide-scale humanitarian assistance during the COVID-19 pandemic — and beyond. <Accessed 2020-04-22>

A Diamond in the COVID–19 Rough? Taiwan Export Orders Surge in March (2020-04-22)
(The Diplomat, By Ankit Panda) What explains the March 2020 surge in Taiwan’s export orders? <Accessed 2020-04-22>

Singapore, Vatican Thank Taiwan for Mask Donations (2020-04-22)
(CNA, By Huang Tzu-chiang, Chen Yun-yu and Joseph Yeh) The Singapore Red Cross and the Holy See's top envoy to Taiwan expressed gratitude to Taiwan on Wednesday for its donations of surgical face masks to help with their countries' response to the COVID-19 coronavirus epidemic. <Accessed 2020-04-22> 

Taiwanese Donations Reach Slovenia, Italy in COVID-19 Fight (2020-04-22)
(CNA, By Lin Yu-li, Huang Ya-shih and Elizabeth Hsu) Taiwanese donations for people struggling with the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic have been shipped to Slovenia and to hospitals in the worst-hit Lombardy region of Italy, according to Taiwanese liaison offices in those European countries. <Accessed 2020-04-22> 

Global Health Security: A Call for Taiwan’s Inclusion (2020-04-24)
(The Diplomat, By Chen Shih-chung) Taiwan’s minister of health makes the case for the country’s inclusion in the WHO. <Accessed 2020-04-24>

Paraguay Agrees to a New Ambassador from Taiwan (2020-04-24)
(Taipei Times, By Dennis Xie) Paraguay has accepted Taiwan’s proposal of a new ambassador, while ties between the two allies remain stable, Minister of Foreign Affairs Joseph Wu (吳釗燮) told lawmakers yesterday, adding that Taiwan would also be appointing a new ambassador to Haiti. <Accessed 2020-04-25> 

Virus Outbreak: ‘Panshih’ Sailed Near Singapore, MND Says (2020-04-24)
(Taipei Times, By Dennis Xie) The navy’s “Friendship Flotilla,” which reported a COVID-19 cluster infection after returning from a visit to Palau last month, sailed in the South China Sea near Singapore, the Ministry of National Defense (MND) said yesterday, amid speculation that it was engaged in a “confidential mission.” <Accessed 2020-04-25>

Taiwan Business Group to Donate 2,000 Protective Gowns to Philippines (2020-04-24)
(CNA, By Angie Chen and William Yen) A Taiwanese business group in the Philippines on Friday said it will donate 2,000 protective gowns to local medical personnel to help slow the spread of the new coronavirus that has infected over 1,000 medical workers in the country. <Accessed 2020-04-25> 

Virus Outbreak: Nation Donates Thermometers to Aid Allies (2020-04-25)
(Taipei Times, By Lin Chia-nan) The nation yesterday donated 35,000 forehead thermometers and 250 sets of automatic temperature measurement systems made by TaiDoc Technology Corp (泰博科技) to diplomatic allies and friendly nations to help them fight COVID-19. <Accessed 2020-04-26>

CORONAVIRUS/Academia Sinica and Polish Counterpart Hold Talks on Virus Control (2020-04-25)
(CNA, By Lin Yu-li and Matthew Mazzetta) Taiwan's government-funded research institution Academia Sinica held discussions with the Polish Academy of Sciences on Thursday via video conferencing to share Taiwan's experience in fighting the COVID-19 coronavirus disease. <Accessed 2020-04-26>
U.S.-China Relations
U.S.–China Institutional Competition— Part I: The United States (2020-04-05)
(United Daily News, By Su Chi) The impact of COVID-19 has brought total uncertainty. Fortunately, after two months of a war of words, the US and China finally shown some willingness to cooperate. But the difference in the ways they have dealt with the pandemic may also highlight a deeper issue: which is better, American democracy or the socialist system of the PRC? This article seeks to analyze the U.S. first. <Accessed 2020-04-23>

Trump Is Right That the WHO Has a China Problem. Cutting Funding Isn’t the Answer. (2020-04-22)
(The Diplomat, By Yu-Jie Chen and Jerome A. Cohen) he WHO should be held accountable for its failings, but Trump is wrong to halt funding to the world’s health body. <Accessed 2020-04-22>

Congress Seeks to Confront China With $6 Billion in New Defense Spending
(Foreign Policy, By Joe Gould) If Beijing is the problem, let’s “put our money where our mouth is,” says a senior Republican. <Accessed 2020-04-22>

What’s Behind US ‘Concerns’ About Possible Chinese Nuclear Testing?
(The Diplomat, By Ankit Panda) The U.S. State Department has raised concerns about possible Chinese nuclear testing activity. What’s really going on? <Accessed 2020-04-22>

Chinese Agents Helped Spread Messages That Sowed Virus Panic in U.S., Officials Say (2020-04-22)
(New York Times, By Edward Wong, Matthew Rosenberg and Julian E. Barnes) American officials were alarmed by fake text messages and social media posts that said President Trump was locking down the country. Experts see a convergence with Russian tactics. <Accessed 2020-04-23>

COVID-19 Will Make the US-China Great Power Dynamics More Confrontational (2020-04-22)
(The Diplomat By Monish Tourangbam and Hamsini Hariharan) The pandemic induced bilateral spat between the two most powerful countries in the world comes amid the unfinished business of the trade war. <Accessed 2020-04-22>

The Coronavirus Could Upend Trump’s China Trade Deal (2020-04-22)
(Foreign Policy, By Jack Detsch, Robbie Gramer) Bleak data on China’s economic outlook counters claims by Trump officials that the U.S. economy can get quickly back on track when the lockdown lifts. <Accessed 2020-04-22>

The United States Can’t Ditch China Yet (2020-04-22)
(Foreign Policy, By Doug Bandow) Fraying ties need not spell the end of the U.S.-China relationship. <Accessed 2020-04-22>

US Extends Economic Aid to Greenland to Counter China, Russia in Arctic (2020-04-23)
(Reuters, By Jacob Gronholt-Pedersen and Humeyra Pamuk) The United States announced a $12.1 million economic aid package for Greenland on Thursday aimed at strengthening mutual ties and boosting a renewed U.S. push for a greater military presence in the Arctic. <Accessed 2020-04-24>

Coronavirus: China Donates Another US$30 Million to WHO after US Funding Halt (2020-04-23)
(South China Morning Post, By Kinling Lo) China has donated another US$30 million to the WHO after US President Donald Trump announced his intention to suspend funding to the global health body, accusing it of siding with Beijing on the coronavirus outbreak. <Accessed 2020-04-23>

China and the United States Are Both Losing the Blame Game (2020-04-24)
(Foreign Policy, By James Green) Pointing fingers over the coronavirus is a dangerous distraction from the crisis. <Accessed 2020-04-24>

Chinese and US Militaries on Covid-19 Alert in Djibouti as Rivals Face Common Threat (2020-04-24)
(South China Morning Post, By Minnie Chan and Teddy Ng) The spread of the coronavirus in Djibouti has prompted both the United States and China to tighten precautions at their military bases in the East African nation to prevent outbreaks among troops. <Accessed 2020-04-24>

Preparing the United States for the Superpower Marathon with China (2020-04-27)
(Brookings, By Michael Brown, Eric Chewning, and Pavneet Singh) While this competition has many dimensions — political, military, diplomatic, and ideological — the crux of the competition is geoeconomic. <Accessed 2020-04-27>

The U.S.-China Race and the Fate of Transatlantic Relations (2020-04-27)
(CSIS, By Andrés Ortega Klein) To stave off disruption, a new and unified transatlantic agenda related to China is needed. <Accessed 2020-04-27>
China's Domestic Politics and Foreign Relations
Mainland China

China’s Militia and the Battle Against COVID-19 (2020-04-22)
(The Diplomat, By Shin Kawashima) The pandemic has offered some glimpses into Chinese governance. <Accessed 2020-04-22>

China Didn’t Warn Public of Likely Pandemic for 6 Key Days (2020-04-22)
(The Diplomat, By Associated Press) Internal Chinese government documents show a delay in Beijing’s official reaction. <Accessed 2020-04-22>

China Launches Second Type 075 Amphibious Helicopter Assault Ship (2020-04-23)
(South China Morning Post, By Liu Zhen) China launched its second Type 075 amphibious assault ship, or helicopter carrier, on Wednesday in Shanghai, seven months after the first one. <Accessed 2020-04-23>

China Imposes New Limits as Coronavirus Fears Return (2020-04-23)
(New York Times, By Paul Mozur and Steven Lee Myers) Some northern cities have reported fresh cases and put restrictions on movement, a sign of how hard it will be for China to fully recover from the outbreak. <Accessed 2020-04-23>

China’s Hidden Crackdown in Tibet (2020-04-24)
(The Diplomat, By Kate Saunders) The Chinese state has used the coronavirus pandemic to deepen its advance into the private and devotional lives of Tibetans. <Accessed 2020-04-24>

Hong Kong and Macau

China Says 'Resolutely' Supports Hong Kong's Arrest of Activists (2020-04-21)
(Reuters, By Se Young Lee and Ben Blanchard) China on Tuesday offered strong support to the Hong Kong government’s decision to arrest 15 activists, and said certain “radicals” in the city were blind to the interference of outside forces, in pointed reference to Washington and London. <Accessed 2020-04-26>

Hong Kong Political Crisis Deepens despite Protest Lull during Virus
(Agence France-Presse) A roundup of Hong Kong pro-democracy activists and a row over the powers of Beijing's office in the city have deepened the political crisis engulfing the financial hub even as a coronavirus lockdown prevents large-scale protests. <Accessed 2020-04-24>

China Prosecutes First Overseas National for Hong Kong Interference (2020-04-24)
(South China Morning Post, By Teddy Ng and William Zheng) China has prosecuted an overseas national for interfering in Hong Kong affairs and activities that endanger China’s national security, according to mainland media. <Accessed 2020-04-24>

Who’s Making Hong Kong’s Ubiquitous Face Masks? Prisoners, Among Others. (2020-04-24)
(New York Times, By Elaine Yu) To ensure that city workers have enough surgical masks, an army of inmates works around the clock for pennies. <Accessed 2020-04-24>

China's Foreign Relations

NATO Chief Rebukes China Over Coronavirus Disinformation (2020-04-22)
(Foreign Policy, By Robbie Gramer) Stoltenberg says state-backed disinformation campaigns are making the health crisis worse. <Accessed 2020-04-22>

China Is Bargain Hunting—and Western Security Is at Risk (2020-04-22)
(Foreign Policy, By Elisabeth Braw) Beijing could use the coronavirus-induced economic crisis to go on a buying spree. The U.S. and European governments must restrict the purchasing of distressed companies in sensitive sectors. <Accessed 2020-04-22>

No, COVID-19 Isn’t Turning Europe Pro-China (Yet) (2020-04-22)
(The Diplomat, By Erik Brattberg and Philippe Le Corre) China’s muscular coronavirus PR campaign in Europe may end up backfiring. <Accessed 2020-04-22>

China to the Rescue in Sri Lanka (2020-04-22)
(The Diplomat, By Rathindra Kuruwita) Beijing first stepped forward to assist Colombo, a move with geopolitical ramifications. <Accessed 2020-04-22>

Is Italy’s Economic Crisis an Opportunity for China? (2020-04-22)
(The Diplomat, By Valbona Zeneli and Michele Capriati) As Italy reels, Chinese companies might sense an opportunity to buy up more Italian brands on the cheap. <Accessed 2020-04-22>

Beijing’s Propaganda Is Finding Few Takers (2020-04-22)
(Foreign Policy, By Charles Dunst) As the Chinese Communist Party embarks on a presumptive goodwill campaign, few in the developing world are falling for it. <Accessed 2020-04-22>

Vietnamese Hackers Targeted China Officials at Heart of Outbreak (2020-04-23)
(Bloomberg, By Jamie Tarabay) Vietnamese hackers began targeting Chinese government officials at the heart of the coronavirus outbreak in the early days of 2020, when the threat of pandemic had barely registered elsewhere in the world, according to findings by cybersecurity firm FireEye Inc. <Accessed 2020-04-26>

An Upswell of Solidarity: China’s Mekong Dams Face Online Backlash (2020-04-24)
(CSIS, By Matthew P. Funaiole and Brian Hart) After years of concern that Chinese activity along the Mekong River could harm downstream countries, there is new evidence that China’s “spree of upstream dam building”—as Secretary of State Mike Pompeo once put it—is severely disrupting the flow of the river. <Accessed 2020-04-27>

EU Report Says China Deflected Blame for Pandemic (2020-04-25)
(Bloomberg, By Apple Lam) The European Union’s foreign and diplomatic wing said there’s evidence of a “coordinated push” by official Chinese sources to deflect blame for the coronavirus pandemic and promote its response to the virus. <Accessed 2020-04-26>

Global China: Technology (2020-04-27)
(Brookings, By Tarun Chhabra, Rush Doshi, Ryan Hass, and Emilie Kimball) This installment of papers for the Brookings Foreign Policy project “Global China: Assessing China’s Growing Role in the World” assesses China’s growing technological reach in the world by focusing on both thematic and technology-specific topics. <Accessed 2020-04-27>
Territorial Disputes, the Korean Peninsula, and Other Regional Issues
Territorial Disputes

Vietnam Accuses Beijing of ‘Seriously Violating’ Sovereignty in South China Sea (2020-04-20)
(South China Morning Post, By Catherine Wong) China’s latest activities in the South China Sea have triggered a strong protest from rival claimant Vietnam, which said the move “seriously violated” its sovereignty. <Accessed 2020-04-23>

Beijing Marks Out Claims in South China Sea by Naming Geographical Features (2020-04-20)
(South China Morning Post, By Kristin Huang) China has given names to 80 geographical features in the disputed South China Sea in the latest move to assert its territorial claims in the face of increasing opposition from Vietnam. <Accessed 2020-04-23>

U.S. Warships Enter Disputed Waters of South China Sea as Tensions With China Escalate
(New York Times, By Hannah Beech) The move comes as a war of words between the United States and China over the coronavirus pandemic intensifies. <Accessed 2020-04-23>

Making Sense of China’s Latest Bid to Administer Sovereignty in the South China Sea
(The Diplomat, By Ankit Panda) New additions to ‘Sansha’ City and a naming exercise for submerged features are the latest in Beijing’s sovereignty-seeking toolkit. <Accessed 2020-04-22>

Maritime Flashpoints and the COVID-19 Pandemic (2020-04-22)
(The Diplomat, By Sumathy Permal) Southeast Asian states like Malaysia are having to both deal with a global health crisis and step up defense of their South China Sea claims. <Accessed 2020-04-22>

US Blasts China at Southeast Asian Meeting on Coronavirus (2020-04-23)
(Associated Press, By Grant Peck) U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told his Southeast Asian counterparts on Thursday that China is taking advantage of the world’s preoccupation with the coronavirus pandemic to push its territorial ambitions in the South China Sea. <Accessed 2020-04-26>

High-Seas Energy Fight Off Malaysia Draws U.S., Chinese Warships (2020-04-23)
(Bloomberg, By Philip Heijmans) Malaysia’s push to explore energy blocks off its coast has turned into a five-nation face off involving U.S. and Chinese warships, raising the risk of a direct confrontation as broader tensions grow between the world’s biggest economies. <Accessed 2020-04-26>

Taiwan Calls for Restraint in South China Sea (2020-04-25)
(CNA, By Emerson Lim) Taiwan's government has reasserted its sovereignty over the South China Sea and called on all claimants of the disputed waters to exercise restraint amid rising tensions. <Accessed 2020-04-26>

The Korean Peninsula

Speculation Over Kim Jong-un’s Health Is Fueled by North Korea’s Own Secrecy
(New York Times, By Choe Sang-Hun) South Korean officials questioned the accuracy of news reports that Mr. Kim was recovering from heart surgery. But rumors persist. <Accessed 2020-04-23>

North Korea Denies Kim Sent Trump a New Letter
(The Diplomat, By Ankit Panda) The claim followed a statement by President Trump that he had received a “nice” letter from Kim Jong Un. <Accessed 2020-04-22>

NSC 'Confirms' No Unusual Signs in N. Korea Regarding Kim Jong-un's Health (2020-04-23)
(Yonhap) South Korea's top security officials on Thursday "confirmed" that there's no unusual activity in North Korea in connection with media-driven speculation that leader Kim Jong-un may be seriously ill, according to Cheong Wa Dae. <Accessed 2020-04-24>

US and South Korea Complete Joint Air Exercise as Washington Reasserts Itself (2020-04-24)
(South China Morning Post, By Kristin Huang) The United States and South Korea wrapped up a five-day joint air exercise on Friday amid heightened tension on the Korean peninsula, following missile launches by the North and uncertainty about the health of its leader Kim Jong-un. <Accessed 2020-04-24>

Pompeo: U.S. Will Seek N.K. Denuclearization Regardless of Who Leads Regime (2020-04-24)
(Yonhap, By Lee Haye-ah) The United States will push for North Korea's denuclearization regardless of who is in power there, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said, amid unconfirmed reports that North Korean leader Kim Jong-un is seriously ill. <Accessed 2020-04-24>

Trump Says Reports on Kim's Health 'Incorrect' (2020-04-24)
(Agence France-Presse) US President Donald Trump on Thursday rejected reports that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un was ailing, criticizing his frequent nemesis CNN for running the story. <Accessed 2020-04-24>

Other Regional Issues

Asian Countries More Receptive to China’s Coronavirus ‘Face Mask Diplomacy’ (2020-04-19)
(South China Morning Post, By Catherine Wong) While China’s campaign to mend its international image in the wake of its handling of the coronavirus health crisis has been met with scepticism and even a backlash from the US and its Western allies, Beijing has been quietly gaining ground in Asia. <Accessed 2020-04-23>

PacNet #23 – How ASEAN Should Respond to China’s South China Sea Tactics (2020-04-21)
(Pacific Forum, By Tenny Kristiana) Despite China’s disregard of international law, it is important for ASEAN to continue promoting the DOC and COC to keep ASEAN as a credible organization in the region. <Accessed 2020-04-27>

No, the Coronavirus Will Not Change the Global Order
(Foreign Policy, By Joseph Nye) We should be skeptical toward claims that the pandemic changes everything. China won’t benefit, and the United States will remain preeminent. <Accessed 2020-04-22>

Time for Asian Countries to Put Aside Squabbles and Cooperate (2020-04-22)
(The Diplomat, By Kan Kimura) The pandemic poses risks that should transcend nationalist pride. <Accessed 2020-04-22>

Explaining Successful (and Unsuccessful) COVID-19 Responses in Southeast Asia (2020-04-22)
(The Diplomat, By Zachary Abuza) No government should be blamed for a pandemic, but they should be scrutinized for how they respond. <Accessed 2020-04-22>

COVID-19 and a New Direction for Asian Integration (2020-04-24)
(The Diplomat, By Mie Oba) The crisis should prompt a change in thinking. <Accessed 2020-04-24>

How COVID-19 is Testing American Leadership (2020-04-26)
(East Asia Forum, By Joseph S Nye) But if policy continues on the current path, the new virus will simply accelerate existing trends towards nationalistic populism and authoritarian uses of technology. <Accessed 2020-04-27>

Asia Will Fall with the Multilateral System unless It Now Springs to Its Defence (2020-04-26)
(East Asia Forum, By Alex Rouse and Adam Triggs) The question is whether Asia can now recognise these incentives and demonstrate leadership in protecting and promoting the G20 and the multilateral system. <Accessed 2020-04-27>

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