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Cross-Strait Relations
Scores Under Probe for Illegal Work in China (2020-04-30)
(Taipei Times, By Chung Li-hua) The government is investigating 87 Taiwanese allegedly working for the Chinese government after reporter Chang Ching-yi (張經義) was found to be employed by a Chinese state-run news agency, a source familiar with the matter said. <Accessed 2020-05-03> 

Little Movement Expected in Near-Term Cross-Strait Ties: Report
(CNA, By Ozzy Ying and Frances Huang) Neither a breakthrough in relations nor an increase in tensions across the Taiwan Strait are likely at the moment as Taiwan and China focus on the COVID-19 epidemic and the economic impact of the disease, a report by an American group has argued. <Accessed 2020-05-02>

COVID-19 Brings Cross-Strait Relations to a Crossroads
(The Diplomat, By Chieh-chi Hsieh) Even more than Tsai’s landslide re-election, the outbreak spells major trouble for the CCP’s unification agenda. <Accessed 2020-05-02>
U.S.-Taiwan Relations
Tsai Speaks at Tainan Memorial for US Priest (2020-04-26)
(Taipei Times/CNA) President Tsai Ing-wen (蔡英文) attended a memorial in Tainan yesterday for Father Brendan O’Connell (甘惠忠), a Catholic priest who died at the age of 84 in New York on Tuesday last week after spending more than 50 years developing special education services in Taiwan. <Accessed 2020-04-27>

Petition by Nikki Haley Backs Taiwan’s WHO Bid (2020-04-26)
(Taipei Times/CNA) Former US ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley has launched an online petition urging the US Congress to probe whether China covered up the COVID-19 outbreak and support Taiwan’s bid to join the WHO. <Accessed 2020-04-27>

Taiwan Pushes WHO Participation in Rare Ministerial Call with U.S.
(Reuters, By Ben Blanchard) In a rare teleconference between health ministers, Taiwan has thanked the United States for its support in pushing for the island’s participation in the World Health Organization (WHO) amid the coronavirus pandemic and despite China’s objections. <Accessed 2020-04-28>

U.S. Spy Plane Spotted Southwest of Taiwan (2020-04-30)
(CNA, By Matt Yu and Emerson Lim) An American EP-3E electronic warfare and reconnaissance aircraft flew southwest of Taiwan Thursday afternoon, the 13th time a U.S. military aircraft has appeared in that area in April, according to a military air movement tracker. <Accessed 2020-05-03> 

AIT Launches 'WHA Countdown' in Support of Taiwan's Participation (2020-05-01)
(CNA, By Chen Yun-yu and Emerson Lim) The American Institute in Taiwan (AIT) has initiated a promotional series titled "WHA Countdown" on Facebook to express its support for Taiwan's participation in the upcoming World Health Assembly (WHA). <Accessed 2020-05-02>

U.S. Seeking to Help Taiwan Regain WHO Observer Status: Report (2020-05-01)
(CNA, By Flor Wang and Chiang Chin-yeh) The United States is reportedly seeking the support of key allies to restore Taiwan's observer status at the World Health Organization (WHO) amid an intensified confrontation with China at the time of the COVID-19 pandemic as the U.S. 2020 presidential election approaches. <Accessed 2020-05-02>

EY Approves Proposal to Send Vets to Work in US (2020-05-01)
(Taipei Times/CNA, By Dennis Xie) The Executive Yuan yesterday approved draft amendments to the Organization Act of Veterans Affairs Council (國軍退除役官兵輔導委員會組織法), which would allow military veteran exchanges with the US, a step that it said would deepen bilateral military exchanges. <Accessed 2020-05-05>
Taiwan's Domestic Politics and Foreign Relations
Taiwan's Domestic Politics

Virus Outbreak: Amnesty Program for Foreign Illegals Paying Off, NIA Says (2020-04-26)
(Taipei Times/CNA) More than 2,000 foreign nationals who are in Taiwan illegally have turned themselves in or been detained over the past month under an expanded amnesty program launched in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the National Immigration Agency (NIA) said on Friday. <Accessed 2020-04-27>

Poll Shows 52% Back Recalling Han Kuo-yu (2020-04-26)
(Taipei Times, By Sherry Hsiao) Fifty-two-point-one percent of Kaohsiung residents polled said they would vote to remove Kaohsiung Mayor Han Kuo-yu (韓國瑜) from office in a recall election, a survey released yesterday by the New Power Party (NPP) showed. <Accessed 2020-04-27>

Tsai Ing-wen under Pressure amid Pro-independence Push for Constitutional Change in Taiwan
(South China Morning Post, By Lawrence Chung) Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen is under growing pressure from the hardline camp to push for constitutional change to reflect the self-ruled island’s independent status – something observers say could provoke a cross-strait conflict. <Accessed 2020-05-04>

Rural Taiwan’s Community Cooperation against COVID-19 (2020-04-30)
(East Asia Forum, By Hung-yu Liu) The self-organisation of rural communities in Taiwan has won precious time for the healthcare system and greatly aids the effort to flatten the curve. <Accessed 2020-05-04>

Ministry Drops Delinquent Political Parties from List
(Taipei Times, By Jake Chung) Political parties delinquent in filing documents mandated under the Political Parties Act (政黨法) have had their registration information removed from the Ministry of the Interior’s records. <Accessed 2020-05-03> 

Tsai Ing-wen 2.0 (2020-05-02)
(The Diplomat, By Lev Nachman and Jessica Drun) Tsai’s first term had its successes and failures, yet she still won a historic re-election victory. What can she deliver in her second term? <Accessed 2020-05-02>

Taiwan High Court Overturns Acquittals, Finds Sunflower Movement Protesters Guilty (2020-05-02)
(The Diplomat, By Nick Aspinwall) The High Court’s decision to overturn not guilty verdicts for seven protesters who stormed the Executive Yuan led to outrage from civil society figures. <Accessed 2020-05-02>

Taiwan's Foreign Relations

KMT to Reinstate International Arm, Party Sources Say (2020-04-26)
(Taipei Times, By Shih Hsiao-kuang) The Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) plans to reinstate its international affairs department to improve communications with the US and other countries as part of KMT Chairman Johnny Chiang’s (江啟臣) reform agenda, sources said on Saturday. <Accessed 2020-04-26>

Virus Outbreak: Most Think Nation Should Join the WHA as ‘Taiwan’ (2020-04-26)
(Taipei Times, By Sherry Hsiao) A majority of people agree that the nation should participate in the World Health Assembly (WHA) under the name “Taiwan” and strive for regular participation, a survey released yesterday by the New Power Party (NPP) showed. <Accessed 2020-04-27>

Netherlands Rep Office Changes Name to 'Netherlands Office Taipei'
(CNA, By Joseph Yeh) The Netherlands' de facto embassy in Taiwan has officially changed its name from the "Netherlands Trade and Investment Office" to the "Netherlands Office Taipei" as of Monday, to be "more inclusive" in terms of bilateral cooperation, the European nation's top envoy to the country said that day. <Accessed 2020-04-28>

DPP Lawmakers Donate 2,300 Protective Gowns to Osaka (2020-04-28)
(CNA, By Chen Chun-hua and Evelyn Kao) A group of Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) legislators have donated 2,300 protective medical gowns to Osaka to help authorities in the Japanese city cope with the new coronavirus disease (COVID-19), DPP Legislator Kuo Kuo-wen (郭國文) said Tuesday. <Accessed 2020-04-28> 

Taiwan Official in Manila Promotes 'Taiwan Model' to Combat Virus (2020-04-28)
(CNA, By Chen Yen-chun and Matthew Mazzetta) Taiwan's representative to the Philippines on Monday argued in an op-ed that Taiwan can provide a model for successfully controlling COVID-19 without a lockdown, as the Philippines prepares for a phased re-opening of its economy this week. <Accessed 2020-04-28> 

Taiwan Rejects Philippine Official's Claim that Taiwan is Part of China (2020-04-29)
(CNA, By Emerson Lim and Angie Chen) Taiwan on Wednesday rejected a Philippine official's remarks that it is part of China, and Beijing therefore can help decide whether a Filipina caregiver in Taiwan should be deported to Manila, after she allegedly criticized the Philippine president. <Accessed 2020-04-29>

No Order to Deport Philippine Worker Given: Envoy (2020-04-29)
(Taipei Times/CNA) The Philippines’ top envoy to Taiwan has not received instructions from Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte to arrange the deportation of a Philippine worker to Manila for allegedly defaming Duterte online. <Accessed 2020-05-05>

CORONAVIRUS/Taiwan, Vatican Team Up to Provide Facial Masks to Africa (2020-05-01)
(CNA, By Huang Ya-shih and Emerson Lim) In a spirit of collaboration, the Holy See will donate 100,000 surgical face masks provided by Taiwan to certain African countries to help them combat the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, Taiwan's ambassador to the Vatican Matthew Lee (李世明) said Friday. <Accessed 2020-05-02>

Virus Outbreak: Taiwan, US, Japan Hold Virtual ‘Fake News’ Forum (2020-05-01)
(Taipei Times, By Lu Yi-hsuan and Jake Chung) The workshop — held under the Global Cooperation and Training Framework (GCTF), which was first initiated by Taiwan and the US in 2015 — addressed how fake news about the coronavirus is spread online and what efforts can be taken to strengthen the ability of media organizations in the Indo-Pacific region to spot fake news. <Accessed 2020-05-02>

WHO Internal Power Play Key to Taiwan's WHA Bid: Observers (2020-05-02)
(CNA, By Chen Yun-yu and Emerson Lim) Despite open support from like-minded countries, especially the United States, whether Taiwan is invited to participate in this year's World Health Assembly (WHA) will depend on a power play within the World Health Organization (WHO), Taiwanese observers said. <Accessed 2020-05-03>
U.S.-China Relations
U.S. Imposes New Rules on Exports to China to Keep Them from Its Military (2020-04-27)
(Reuters, By Karen Freifeld) The United States said on Monday it will impose new restrictions on exports to China to keep semiconductor production equipment and other technology away from Beijing’s military. <Accessed 2020-04-28>

China Committed to Phase 1 Trade Deal Despite Pandemic: U.S. Official (2020-04-29)
(Reuters, By Andrea Shalal) China remains “very, very committed” to meeting its commitments under a Phase 1 trade deal with the United States, despite the unprecedented economic and health impacts of the new coronavirus outbreak, a senior U.S. trade official said on Wednesday. <Accessed 2020-04-29>

Missouri Opens Up a New Front Against China in Coronavirus Blame Game (2020-04-28)
(Foreign Policy, By Keith Johnson) State sues Beijing for negligent and deceitful behavior in spreading the virus--good luck with that. <Accessed 2020-04-28>

Chinese Coffee Chain’s Scandal Renews U.S. Calls for Oversight (2020-04-30)
(New York Times, By Alexandra Stevenson and Edward Wong) The implosion of a Chinese competitor to Starbucks has bolstered the cause of American politicians aiming to stop opaque Chinese companies from raising money in the U.S. <Accessed 2020-05-04>

US Intelligence Says Coronavirus Was Not Man-made but Theory It Leaked from Wuhan Lab Needs More Investigation (2020-05-01)
(South China Morning Post, By Teddy Ng) The United States national intelligence community said the new coronavirus was not man-made or genetically modified, but it was trying to determine whether the virus might have leaked from a laboratory in Wuhan. <Accessed 2020-05-04>

Global Supply Chains, Economic Decoupling, and U.S.-China Relations, Part 2: The View from the People’s Republic of China (2020-05-01)
(Jamestown Foundation, By Sagatom Saha and Ashley Feng) Looking forward, the economic shock from the COVID-19 pandemic will likely make the United States and the PRC further averse to interdependence, if the pandemic has a lasting impact into the future. <Accessed 2020-05-05>

Some Trump Officials Take Harder Actions on China During Pandemic (2020-05-01)
(New York Times, By Edward Wong and Ana Swanson) Since the coronavirus spread from a metropolis on the Yangtze River across the globe, hard-liners in both Washington and Beijing have accelerated efforts to decouple elements of the relationship. <Accessed 2020-05-04>

China Accuses US of Trying to Deflect Coronavirus Blame after Call for Taiwan to Be Given World Health Organisation Role (2020-05-02)
(South China Morning Post, By Sarah Zheng) Beijing accused the United States on Saturday of trying to shift the blame for the coronavirus pandemic, after the US State Department launched a Twitter campaign calling for Taiwan’s inclusion at the World Health Assembly. <Accessed 2020-05-04>

Trump Is Dangerously Predictable With China (2020-05-02)
(Foreign Policy, By Ned Price) Whether he is cozying up to China or scapegoating it, Trump has consistently placed his personal political interests over those of the United States. <Accessed 2020-05-02>

Washington’s Anti-Huawei Tactics Need a Reboot In Europe (2020-05-02)
(Foreign Policy, By Carisa Nietsche, Martijn Rasser) Efforts to convince allies of the Chinese threat in 5G have floundered. <Accessed 2020-05-02>

Trump Fixates on China as Nuclear Arms Pact Nears Expiration (2020-05-02)
(Foreign Policy, By Robbie Gramer, Jack Detsch) The administration insists any future START treaty has to include Beijing as well as Moscow, but experts say there is almost no chance China will agree. <Accessed 2020-05-02>

To Hold China Accountable for Delayed COVID-19 Action, Target the ‘Great Firewall’ (2020-05-02)
(The Diplomat, By Michael Sobolik) Washington must address the root causes of China’s propensity to obscure the origins of the new coronavirus. <Accessed 2020-05-02>

Would China Use Nuclear Weapons First in a War With the United States? (2020-05-02)
(The Diplomat, By Gregory Kulacki) Recent American statements on Chinese nuclear weapons policy merit closer scrutiny. <Accessed 2020-05-02>
China's Domestic Politics and Foreign Relations
Mainland China

China Parliament Sets Key Meeting for May as COVID-19 Epidemic Subsides (2020-04-28)
(Reuters, By Se Young Lee and Huizhong Wu) China announced on Wednesday that its parliament will open a key annual session on May 22, signalling that Beijing sees the country returning to normal after being reduced to a near-standstill for months by the COVID-19 epidemic. <Accessed 2020-04-29>

“State Companies Advance and Private Firms Retreat” in China’s Bid to Resuscitate the Economy (2020-05-01)
(Jamestown Foundation, By Willy Wo-Lap Lam) Given the unique contribution of the private sector to the economy, the guojin mintui trend, just like other aspects of centralization, could have a detrimental long-term impact on the country. <Accessed 2020-05-05>

Yuen Yuen Ang on Corruption and Growth in China (2020-05-02)
(The Diplomat, By Shannon Tiezzi) Chinese corruption actually fuels growth – but at a steep cost. <Accessed 2020-05-02>

China’s Digital Cultural Revolution (2020-05-02)
(The Diplomat, By Johanna M. Costigan and Xu Xin) Hyper-nationalist online attacks, like the campaign against Fang Fang, have disturbing parallels to the Mao era. <Accessed 2020-05-02>

Hong Kong and Macau

Last Hong Kong Governor Chris Patten Asks UK to Watch Out for Beijing Interference in City Affairs (2020-04-30)
(South China Morning Post, By Stuart Lau) Britain’s last colonial governor of Hong Kong, Chris Patten, has asked the UK government to watch out for Chinese attempts to interfere with the city’s affairs while the world grapples with the coronavirus pandemic. <Accessed 2020-05-04>

Hong Kong ‘Strongly Refutes’ Criticism Over Arrests of Activists
(Bloomberg, By Jinshan Hong) The Hong Kong government has pushed back strongly against international criticism over the arrests and prosecution of pro-democracy supporters in the city, describing it as “unfounded.” <Accessed 2020-05-02>

Beijing Promotes “National Security” Measures to Seek Tighter Control Over Hong Kong (2020-05-01)
(Jamestown Foundation, By John Dotson) Some of these “education” measures are now being put into motion, as part of a wider crackdown by Beijing on dissent in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR). <Accessed 2020-05-05>

With a New Cold War on the Rise, What Next for Hong Kong’s Autonomy?
(The Diplomat, By Brian C.H. Fong) The West must decide whether and how to keep a foot in China’s door. <Accessed 2020-05-02>

China's Foreign Relations

Australia Rejects Chinese 'Economic Coercion' Threat Amid Planned Coronavirus Probe (2020-04-27)
(Reuters, By Kirsty Needham) Australian Foreign Minister Marise Payne has cautioned China against attempts at “economic coercion” as Australia pushes for an investigation into the coronavirus pandemic that China opposes. <Accessed 2020-04-28>

The Pandemic Could Tighten China’s Grip on Eurasia (2020-04-28)
(Foreign Policy, By Alexander Gabuev) Despite border closures, Russia and others may be pushed even closer to Beijing. <Accessed 2020-04-28>

African Countries Respond to Guangzhou’s ‘Anti-Epidemic Measures’ (2020-04-28)
(The Diplomat, By Eleanor Albert) Widespread reports of racism against Africans put China into damage control mode. <Accessed 2020-04-28>

Coronavirus: European Union Ratchets Up Pressure on China with Call to Cooperate with Inquiry (2020-05-01)
(South China Morning Post, By Stuart Lau) The European Union has urged China to cooperate with an investigation into the origin of the coronavirus, increasing diplomatic pressure on Beijing for greater transparency. <Accessed 2020-05-04>

PacNet #25 – China’s Eight Arguments Against Western ‘Hubris’ and Why They Fail (2020-05-01)
(Pacific Forum, By Denny Roy) Europeans want to profit from China, but will not see the China Model as politically or culturally inspirational or attractive as long as China is ruled by a regime with objectives and policies so deeply at odds with Western Europe’s liberal traditions. <Accessed 2020-05-04>

Generosity Is an Easy Win for China After the Coronavirus Pandemic
(Foreign Policy, By William Brent) Electrifying rural health care facilities would burnish Beijing’s reputation in poor countries throughout Africa and Asia and cost next to nothing. <Accessed 2020-05-02>

COVID-19: A ‘Reckoning’ for UK-China Relations? (2020-05-02)
(The Diplomat, By Niall Gray) “China hawks” are gaining strength as the United Kingdom struggles with the fallout of the new coronavirus. <Accessed 2020-05-02>
Territorial Disputes, the Korean Peninsula, and Other Regional Issues
Territorial Disputes

Chinese Aircraft Carrier Maneuver Aimed at Achieving Multiple Results
(CNA, By Emerson Lim) A recent training mission of the Chinese aircraft carrier Liaoning, which sailed through waters near Japan and Taiwan and into the South China Sea near Vietnam, has been seen by a Taiwanese defense analyst as a maneuver with the aim of "hitting three birds with one stone." <Accessed 2020-04-27>

Chinese Survey Vessel Incident Puts Malaysia’s South China Sea Approach Under Scrutiny (2020-05-01)
(Jamestown Foundation, By Prashanth Parameswaran) The incident put the new Malaysian government’s approach to China and the South China Sea under greater scrutiny—and revealed constraints that the Southeast Asian state faces in fashioning a response to Beijing’s continued assertiveness amid wider challenges at home and abroad. <Accessed 2020-05-05>

China Says PLA Navy Ships Were Sent to ‘Expel’ US Warship From Paracel Islands (2020-05-02)
(The Diplomat, By Ankit Panda) The U.S. vessel was in the area to conduct a freedom of navigation operation. <Accessed 2020-05-02>

The Korean Peninsula

Kim Jong-un Resurfaces, State Media Says, After Weeks of Health Rumors (2020-05-01)
(New York Times, By Choe Sang-Hun) The North Korean leader was said to have visited a factory on Friday, after a series of unsubstantiated news reports suggested that he was gravely ill. <Accessed 2020-05-04>

North Korea Gives Rare Response to Panic Buying Rumor (2020-05-02)
(The Diplomat, By Tae-jun Kang) North Korea almost never reacts to reports in foreign media. What’s different this time? <Accessed 2020-05-02>

Kim Jong Un Death Rumors Expose Washington’s Lacking Diplomacy and Strategy (2020-05-02)
(The Diplomat, By Bonnie Kristian) Whatever Kim Jong Un’s health status, the United States needs to correct course on North Korea policy. <Accessed 2020-05-02>

North and South Korea Exchange Gunfire Across Demilitarized Zone (2020-05-02)
(New York Times, By Choe Sang-Hun) The reports of gunfire came two days after the North’s leader, Kim Jong-un, reappeared in public after three weeks of absence and rumors about his health. <Accessed 2020-05-04>

Other Regional Issues

Don’t Bash Globalization—It Will Rescue Our Economies After the Pandemic (2020-04-28)
(Foreign Policy, By Salvatore Babones) The pundits are once again proclaiming the end of capitalism and globalization. But global production networks are highly resilient, and ready to come back online. <Accessed 2020-04-28>

The Future Is Asian—but Not Chinese (2020-04-28)
(Foreign Policy, By James Traub) A post-pandemic cold war is developing between the United States and China—but both sides are losing the ideological fight. <Accessed 2020-04-28>

4 ASEAN States Abusing COVID-19 Emergency Powers (2020-04-28)
(The Diplomat, By Luke Hunt) UN warnings unheeded amid arrests, death threats, and muzzling the press. <Accessed 2020-04-28>

The Geopolitical Contours of a Post-COVID-19 World (2020-05-02)
(East Asia Forum, By Deepanshu Mohan) While the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the global economy is more dramatic than any other shock in recent history, the consequences of the virus for the geopolitical order could be even more consequential. <Accessed 2020-05-04>

Japan and China’s Competition in the Pacific Islands (2020-05-02)
(The Diplomat, By Denghua Zhang and Miwa Hirono) Amid the geostrategic competition in the Pacific, the China-Japan dynamic is often overlooked. <Accessed 2020-05-02>

China and India Top Asian Military Spending, Figure in World Top 3 With US (2020-05-02)
(The Diplomat, By Ankit Panda) The two Asian giants took the second and third place in global defense spending for the first time. <Accessed 2020-05-02>

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