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Cross-Strait Relations
What Do Taiwanese Think of China’s Record-Setting Incursions Into Taiwan’s ADIZ? (2021-10-06)
(The Diplomat, By Brian Hioe) Chinese military aircraft have broken consecutive records in the past week. What message is Beijing trying to send, and is it being received as intended?

China’s Xi Calls for ‘Peaceful’ Reunification with Taiwan (2021-10-09)
(Associated Press, By Huizhong Wu) Chinese leader Xi Jinping said on Saturday that a “peaceful” reunification of Taiwan with China’s mainland was in Beijing’s interests, despite ratcheted up military threats against the self-governing island.

Taiwan Rejects Beijing's 'One Country, Two Systems' Unification Formula (2021-10-09)
(CNA, By Miao Zong-han, Lai Yu-chen, and Teng Pei-ju) Taiwan is an independent state and Taiwanese oppose the "one country, two systems" political arrangement proposed by Beijing, Presidential Office spokesman Xavier Chang (張惇涵) said Saturday hours after China's leader Xi Jinping (習近平) reiterated his goal of unifying Taiwan during a speech.
U.S.-Taiwan Relations
U.S. Voices Concern over China's Incursions into Taiwan's ADIZ (2021-10-05)
(CNA, By Stacy Hsu, Matt Yu, Lin Yu-hsuan, and Joseph Yeh) The White House has called out China's "provocative military activity" near Taiwan following its recent deployment of a record number of military aircraft in Taiwan's air defense identification zone (ADIZ).
Taiwan's Domestic Politics and Foreign Relations
Taiwan's Domestic Politics
Formosa Poll September 2021 (2021-09-27)
(Formosa) According to the Taiwan Mood Barometer Survey conducted by Formosa in late September, 47.8% of respondents indicated that they trusted President Tsai Ing-wen (a decrease of 7.3 percentage points since the previous survey), while 47.8% indicated that they were satisfied with Tsai’s performance (a decrease of 7.2 percentage points since the previous survey). 43.6% indicated that they were satisfied with the performance of Premier Su Tseng-chang (a decrease of 5 percentage points since the previous survey).

Eric Chu Stresses Unity as He Takes Over Leadership of KMT (2021-10-05)
(CNA, By Flor Wang and Liu Kuan-ting) New Kuomintang (KMT) Chairman Eric Chu (朱立倫) stressed unity at a handover ceremony for the party's new leader at its headquarters Tuesday, vowing to prepare the party for political combat and bring alienated members back into the fold.

Taiwan's Foreign Relations 
Taiwan’s CPTPP Bid Will Test the Resolve of the Indo-Pacific (2021-10-01)
(The Diplomat, By Shihoko Goto) Much of China’s economic coercion power rests on psychological intimidation. Buying into a simplified narrative of countries bending to China’s will in the face of economic coercion only enhances the effect of such tactics by overstating the risk more than what it is. Assumptions about a country’s economic relationship being derailed just for raising sensitive issues or provoking China should also be reevaluated.

Ex-Australian PM Tony Abbott Arrives in Taiwan to Speak at Forum (2021-10-05)
(CNA, By Wu Juei-chi and Joseph Yeh) Former Australian Prime Minister (PM) Tony Abbott, who recently voiced support for Taiwan joining the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP) regional trade bloc, arrived in Taiwan on Tuesday to attend an international forum later this week.

Former Australian PM Abbott Pitches for Taiwan's Inclusion in CPTPP (2021-10-07)
(CNA, By Yeh Su-ping and Ken Wang) Visiting former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott said Thursday that other democracies should stand with Taiwan in its bid to join the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP).

Former Australian PM Abbott Calls for Solidarity with Taiwan (2021-10-08)
(Associated Press, By Huizhong Wu) Abbott’s comments were at a conference organized by a think tank backed by Taiwan’s government. The Australian government has said his visit to Taiwan is unofficial.

French Senators Meet with Taiwan’s Tsai amid China Tensions (2021-10-07)
(Associated Press, By Huizhong Wu) A group of French senators visiting Taiwan as part of a regular parliamentary exchange met with President Tsai Ing-wen on Thursday morning during a trip that comes in a particularly tense moment between China and the self-ruled island.
U.S.-China Relations
U.S. Signals No Thaw in Trade Relations With China (2021-10-04)
(New York Times, By Ana Swanson and Keith Bradsher) The Biden administration offered its strongest signal yet that the United States’ combative economic approach toward China would continue, with senior administration officials saying that President Biden would not immediately lift tariffs on Chinese goods and that he would hold Beijing accountable for trade commitments agreed to during the Trump administration.

China, US Hold Military Talks Amid Strained Ties (2021-10-01)
(The Diplomat, By Associated Press) The two-day video conference marked the first known direct high-level contact between Chinese and U.S. defense officials under the Biden administration.

Biden and Xi Jinping of China Agree to Hold a Virtual Summit (2021-10-06)
(New York Times, By David E. Sanger) President Biden will meet President Xi Jinping of China for their first summit by the end of this year — but virtually, not in person, a concession to a pandemic era and a recognition of the dangers of going an entire year into a new presidential term without a formal meeting between the leaders of the world’s largest and second-largest economies.

C.I.A. Reorganization to Place New Focus on China (2021-10-07)
(New York Times, By Julian E. Barnes) At the heart of the effort will be a new China Mission Center meant to bring more resources to studying the country and better position officers around the world to collect information and analyze China’s activities.

China, US Officials Hold Meeting on Fraught Trade Issues (2021-10-09)
(Associated Press) China’s top trade negotiator Liu He called U.S. Trade Representative Katherine Tai to discuss the “Phase 1” trade deal, negotiated under the Trump administration, along with other major economic concerns, according to a statement from China’s Commerce Ministry.

Beijing’s American Hustle (2021-08-23)
(Foreign Affairs, By Matt Pottinger) In past decades, the United States’ failure to reckon with the ways that American society and businesses were being weaponized to serve the CCP’s long-term agenda might have been chalked up to naiveté or Pollyannaish optimism. Such excuses are no longer plausible. Yet Beijing continues to run this play, turning American money and institutions to its own ends—and making the need for real action from Washington all the greater.
China's Domestic Politics and Foreign Relations
China's Domestic Politics
The End of a ‘Gilded Age’: China Is Bringing Business to Heel (2021-10-05)
(New York Times, By Paul Mozur) Under Mr. Xi, China is reshaping how business works and limiting executives’ power. Long in coming, but rapid in execution, the policies are driven by a desire for state control and self-reliance as well as concerns about debt, inequality and influence by foreign countries, including the United States.

China Is Rocked by Uncertainty. Why Is Wall Street Bullish? (2021-10-06)
(New York Times, By Li Yuan) Wall Street now stands as an increasingly lonely voice arguing for more engagement with China. Both American political parties are calling for a tougher stance. Positions have hardened in other countries, too. The broad business world has become more ambivalent: It still sees China has a huge market, but issues like trade, intellectual property and the government’s support of homegrown businesses have complicated their traditional support.

The Real Reasons Behind China’s Energy Crisis
(Foreign Policy, By Lauri Myllyvirta) It’s the worst electricity crisis China has faced in a decade. The immediate cause is that China is still highly dependent on coal, which provides 70 percent of the country’s power generation. The electricity prices paid to generators are regulated by the central government, while coal prices are set on the market. When coal prices rise, unless regulators increase electricity prices, it doesn’t make economic sense for coal power plants to keep supplying electricity.

China's Foreign Relations 
China’s Economic Coercion Is More Bark Than Bite (2021-10-05)
(Foreign Policy, By Pratik Jakhar) Much of China’s economic coercion power rests on psychological intimidation. Buying into a simplified narrative of countries bending to China’s will in the face of economic coercion only enhances the effect of such tactics by overstating the risk more than what it is. Assumptions about a country’s economic relationship being derailed just for raising sensitive issues or provoking China should also be reevaluated.
Military Balance
China Flies Record 56 Warplanes Toward Self-Ruled Taiwan (2021-10-04)
(Associated Press, By Huizhong Wu) China flew 56 fighter planes toward Taiwan on Monday in the largest show of force on record, continuing the three days of sustained military harassment against the self-ruled island.

In a Surge of Military Flights, China Tests and Warns Taiwan
(New York Times, By Chris Buckley and Amy Qin) The sorties by nearly 80 People’s Liberation Army aircraft on Friday and Saturday, as China observed its National Day holiday, followed a pattern of Beijing testing and wearing down Taiwan by flying over seas southwest of the island. The most recent flights stood out because of the number and types of planes involved, including bombers and anti-submarine planes on nighttime intrusions.

A Primer on China's Aircraft Intrusion into Taiwan's ADIZ (2021-10-05)
(MLI, By J Michael Cole) The ADIZ intrusions serve multiple purposes, including (1) training to familiarize PLA pilots with operations at sea and at night; (2) intelligence collection against Taiwan based on the latter’s response; (3) overstretch the Taiwanese military by forcing it to respond to every intrusion; (4) signal discontent aimed at Taipei and its partners following developments that favor Taiwan; (5) psychological warfare against Taiwan through coercion, conditioning, etc.; and (6) salami-slicing, whereby a gradual increase in PLA activity near Taiwan becomes a new norm, thus accentuating the element of surprise should Beijing eventually decide to use force against Taiwan.

US Forces Training Taiwanese: Official (2021-10-09)
(Taipei Times/AFP) US special operations forces have been quietly training Taiwanese soldiers for months, risking the ire of China, a US Department of Defense official said on Thursday.

‘Starting a Fire’: U.S. and China Enter Dangerous Territory Over Taiwan (2021-10-09)
(New York Times, By Chris Buckley and Steven Lee Myers) After holding out against unification demands from China’s communist rulers for more than 70 years, Taiwan is now at the heart of the deepening discord between China and the United States. The island’s fate has the potential to reshape the regional order and even to ignite a military conflagration — intentional or not.

France Offers to Help Repair Military Equipment: Official (2021-10-09)
(Taipei Times, By Lin Chia-nan) France has offered Taiwan military equipment maintenance services, but it cannot reveal details, French Senator Alain Richard said in Taipei yesterday.
Regional Issues
Japan’s Position on the CPTPP Applications of China and Taiwan (2021-10-03)
(The Diplomat, By KAWASHIMA Shin) With some bold yet skillful diplomacy, Japan’s next government has a real diplomatic opportunity.

Malaysia Protests Presence of Chinese Vessels in its Waters
(Reuters) Malaysia summoned the Chinese ambassador to Kuala Lumpur on Monday to express its protest against the “encroachment” into its waters by Beijing’s vessels, the foreign ministry said.

Malaysia and the Indo-Pacific: Navigating the Ocean of Strategic Uncertainties (2021-10-05)
(The Diplomat, By Rahul Mishra and Peter Brian M. Wang) Many nations are embracing the strategic construct of the “Indo-Pacific,” but Malaysia is yet to clarify its position on the concept.

Is Another ‘Friction Point’ Emerging Along the India-China Border? (2021-10-04)
(The Diplomat, By Sudha Ramachandran) Indian troops did not confront or push back Chinese soldiers who entered the Indian side of the disputed border at Barahoti.

Belt and Road Meets Build Back Better (2021-10-04)
(Foreign Policy, By Keith Johnson) Can the West’s newfangled development programs compete with China’s?

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