• China and Bhutan Reach Deal on Himalayan Border Talks ‘in Test for India’ (2021-10-15)
    (SCMP, By Amber Wang) China has signed an agreement with Bhutan to speed up talks on their disputed border, in an apparent effort to put pressure on India over their unresolved Himalayan frontiers. 
  • Czech Senate Asks Joseph Wu to Visit Prague Forum (2021-10-15)
    (Taipei Times, By Lin Chia-nan) The Czech Senate’s Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defense and Security on Wednesday passed a resolution supporting cooperation with Taiwan on innovation, trade and investment, including inviting Minister of Foreign Affairs Joseph Wu (吳釗燮) to a forum in Prague on Oct. 27 and 28, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said yesterday. 
  • Russia and China Hold Joint Naval Drills in Sea of Japan (2021-10-15)
    (Reuters) Russia and China held joint naval drills in the Sea of Japan on Friday and practised how to operate together and destroy floating enemy mines with artillery fire, the Russian defence ministry said in a statement. 
  • Japan to Donate More COVID-19 Vaccine Doses to Taiwan (2021-10-15)
    (Taiwan News, By Sophia Yang) Japan announced Friday (Oct. 15) that it will donate more doses of the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine to Taiwan as part of its free vaccine-sharing initiative for Southeast Asian countries in need. 
  • U.S. Military Disputes Russia's Comments on Naval Interaction (2021-10-15)
    (Reuters) Russia said one of its military vessels chased away a U.S. naval destroyer that attempted to violate Russian territorial waters during Russian-Chinese naval drills in the Sea of Japan on Friday, something Washington said was false. 
  • Chinese Leader Xi Jinping Continues EU Engagement Drive in Talks with EU Council President (2021-10-15)
    (SCMP, By Finbarr Bermingham and Catherine Wong) Europe’s diplomatic reengagement with China continued on Friday as Xi Jinping spoke with European Council President Charles Michel. 
  • WMA Approves Resolution to Support Taiwan's Participation in WHA (2021-10-16)
    (CNA, By Justin Su, Huang Jui-hung and Frances Huang) The World Medical Association (WMA) has passed a resolution supporting Taiwan's participation in the World Health Organization (WHO) and World Health Assembly (WHA) while rejecting a counter motion proposed by China.
  • ASEAN Downgrades Myanmar Presence in Summit in Major Rebuke (2021-10-16)
    (Associated Press, By Eileen Ng) Southeast Asian foreign ministers have agreed to downgrade Myanmar’s participation in an upcoming summit in their sharpest rebuke yet of its leaders following a Feb. 1 military takeover.
  • Washington Reaffirms its Taiwan Defense Pledge (2021-10-14)
    (Taipei Times with CNA) The US Department of Defense on Tuesday reaffirmed its pledge to help Taiwan defend itself against Chinese military coercion.
  • Taiwan Asks Australia to Support Regional Trade Bid (2021-10-12)
    (Reuters, By Kirsty Needham) A Taiwan official has asked Australia to support its bid to join the CPTPP pan-Pacific trade pact, which China opposes, saying Taiwan can boost high technology trade flows and demand for Australian minerals.
  • KMT Seeking to Deepen Ties with U.S.: Party Representative (2021-10-12)
    (CNA, By Stacy Hsu, Lin Yu-hsuan and Teng Pei-ju) Taiwan's main opposition Kuomintang (KMT) is committed to engaging with many different groups in the United States to foster stronger ties between the two sides, a KMT representative said at a defense industry forum in Virginia on Monday.
  • Amid U.S.-China Chill, Harvard Moves a Top Language Program to Taiwan (2021-10-13)
    (New York Times, By Amy Qin) Harvard University will move a popular Chinese-language program to Taipei from Beijing amid a broad chill in academic and cultural exchanges between the United States and China. 
  • France Confirms Naval Presence in Taiwan Strait (2021-10-13)
    (CNA, By Tseng Ting-hsuan and Joseph Yeh) France's defense minister has warned escalating tensions between Taiwan and China could have dramatic consequences, after revealing one of the country's naval vessels had been present in the Taiwan Strait. 
  • Taiwan, U.S. Agree to Continue Economic Dialogue (2021-10-13)
    (CNA, By Stacy Hsu and Joseph Yeh) Taiwan and the United States have agreed to continue an economic dialogue launched under the Donald Trump administration, Taiwan's representative office in Washington said Tuesday. 
  • India, China Army Talks to Defuse Border Tensions Fail (2021-10-11)
    (Associated Press, By Ashok Sharma) Talks between Indian and Chinese army commanders to disengage troops from key friction areas along their border have ended in a stalemate and failed to ease a 17-month standoff that has sometimes led to deadly clashes, the two sides said Monday. 
  • China Says It Carried Out Beach Landing Drills in Province Opposite Taiwan (2021-10-11)
    (Reuters) China's military said on Monday it had carried out beach landing and assault drills in the province directly across the sea from Taiwan, though it did not link the exercises to current tensions with Taipei. 
  • President Vows to Defend Sovereignty (2021-10-11)
    (Taipei Times/CNA) President Tsai Ing-wen (蔡英文) in her Double Ten National Day speech reiterated Taiwan’s determination to defend itself, and maintain regional peace and stability, which she said is being challenged by China’s increasing military coercion in the South and East China seas, as well as in the Taiwan Strait. 
  • French Senators Depart Taiwan After 5-Day Visit (2021-10-11)
    (CNA, By Wu Rui-chi and Elizabeth Hsu) A delegation of French senators departed Taiwan Sunday after concluding a five-day visit that included meetings with President Tsai Ing-wen (蔡英文) and other high-level government officials. 
  • 3 Chinese Military Planes Enter Taiwan’s ADIZ (2021-10-11)
    (Taiwan News, By Eric Chang) Three Chinese military planes entered Taiwan’s air defense identification zone (ADIZ) on Sunday (Oct. 10), marking the sixth intrusion this month. 
  • Britain Reaffirms Asia 'Tilt' as New Warship Makes Singapore Stop (2021-10-11)
    (Reuters, By Chen Lin) Britain plans to permanently deploy two warships in Asian waters, where the United States and Western allies are trying to contain China's militarisation and island-building in seas vital to the movement of trillions of dollars of global trade. 
  • China’s Xi Calls for ‘Peaceful’ Reunification with Taiwan (2021-10-09)
    (Associated Press, By Huizhong Wu) Chinese leader Xi Jinping said on Saturday that a “peaceful” reunification of Taiwan with China’s mainland was in Beijing’s interests, despite ratcheted up military threats against the self-governing island. 
  • US Forces Training Taiwanese: Official (2021-10-09)
    (Taipei Times/AFP) US special operations forces have been quietly training Taiwanese soldiers for months, risking the ire of China, a US Department of Defense official said on Thursday. 
  • China, US Officials Hold Meeting on Fraught Trade Issues (2021-10-09)
    (Associated Press) China’s top trade negotiator Liu He called U.S. Trade Representative Katherine Tai to discuss the “Phase 1” trade deal, negotiated under the Trump administration, along with other major economic concerns, according to a statement from China’s Commerce Ministry. 
  • France Offers to Help Repair Military Equipment: Official (2021-10-09)
    (Taipei Times, By Lin Chia-nan) France has offered Taiwan military equipment maintenance services, but it cannot reveal details, French Senator Alain Richard said in Taipei yesterday. 
  • Taiwan Rejects Beijing's 'One Country, Two Systems' Unification Formula (2021-10-09)
    (CNA, By Miao Zong-han, Lai Yu-chen, and Teng Pei-ju) Taiwan is an independent state and Taiwanese oppose the "one country, two systems" political arrangement proposed by Beijing, Presidential Office spokesman Xavier Chang (張惇涵) said Saturday hours after China's leader Xi Jinping (習近平) reiterated his goal of unifying Taiwan during a speech. 
  • Former Australian PM Abbott Calls for Solidarity with Taiwan (2021-10-08)
    (Associated Press, By Huizhong Wu) Abbott’s comments were at a conference organized by a think tank backed by Taiwan’s government. The Australian government has said his visit to Taiwan is unofficial. 
  • CIA Creates Working Group on China as Threats Keep Rising (2021-10-07)
    (Associated Press, By Nomaan Merchant) The CIA said Thursday it will create a top-level working group on China as part of a broad U.S. government effort focused on countering Beijing’s influence. The group will become one of fewer than a dozen mission centers operated by the CIA, with weekly director-level meetings intended to drive the agency’s strategy toward China. 
  • Former Australian PM Abbott Pitches for Taiwan's Inclusion in CPTPP (2021-10-07)
    (CNA, By Yeh Su-ping and Ken Wang) Visiting former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott said Thursday that other democracies should stand with Taiwan in its bid to join the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP). 
  • Biden, Xi Plan U.S.-China Virtual Summit Before Year's End, U.S. Says (2021-10-07)
    (Reuters, By John Revill and Steve Holland) The United States and China have agreed in principle for their presidents to hold a virtual meeting before year's end, a senior U.S. administration official said on Wednesday, after high-level talks meant to improve communication between the two big powers. 
  • French Senators Meet with Taiwan’s Tsai amid China Tensions (2021-10-07)
    (Associated Press, By Huizhong Wu) A group of French senators visiting Taiwan as part of a regular parliamentary exchange met with President Tsai Ing-wen on Thursday morning during a trip that comes in a particularly tense moment between China and the self-ruled island. 
  • U.S. Voices Concern over China's Incursions into Taiwan's ADIZ (2021-10-05)
    (CNA, By Stacy Hsu, Matt Yu, Lin Yu-hsuan, and Joseph Yeh) The White House has called out China's "provocative military activity" near Taiwan following its recent deployment of a record number of military aircraft in Taiwan's air defense identification zone (ADIZ). 
  • Ex-Australian PM Tony Abbott Arrives in Taiwan to Speak at Forum (2021-10-05)
    (CNA, By Wu Juei-chi and Joseph Yeh) Former Australian Prime Minister (PM) Tony Abbott, who recently voiced support for Taiwan joining the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP) regional trade bloc, arrived in Taiwan on Tuesday to attend an international forum later this week. 
  • Eric Chu Stresses Unity as He Takes Over Leadership of KMT (2021-10-05)
    (CNA, By Flor Wang and Liu Kuan-ting) New Kuomintang (KMT) Chairman Eric Chu (朱立倫) stressed unity at a handover ceremony for the party's new leader at its headquarters Tuesday, vowing to prepare the party for political combat and bring alienated members back into the fold. 
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  • Formosa Poll September 2021 (2021-09-27)
    (Formosa) According to the Taiwan Mood Barometer Survey conducted by Formosa in late September, 47.8% of respondents indicated that they trusted President Tsai Ing-wen (a decrease of 7.3 percentage points since the previous survey), while 47.8% indicated that they were satisfied with Tsai’s performance (a decrease of 7.2 percentage points since the previous survey). 43.6% indicated that they were satisfied with the performance of Premier Su Tseng-chang (a decrease of 5 percentage points since the previous survey). 
  • How Are People Feeling in the “Most Dangerous Place on Earth”? (2021-10-13)
    (Brookings, By Shelley Rigger, Lev Nachman, Chit Wai John Mok, and Nathan Kar Ming Chan) In May 2021, we surveyed 1000 Taiwanese residents and found that, contrary to popular belief, the Taiwanese are not only far more cognizant of military activity than we might think, but their concerns about potential conflict are also stronger than we typically perceive. 
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